Mind-blowing horns, heart-beating drums and cheering cheers. NAFT is the engine for every party, highly inflammatory. NAFT slams your ear with an explosive, innovative mix of house, techno and the better part of dance beats, live & blasting both on stage as on the streets. 

Floris De Smet - BASS SAX

Robbe Latré - TRUMPET

Tom Heynssens - TENOR SAX

Niels Van Paemel - BARITONE SAX

Geraard Buyck - DRUMS

Tom Leyman - DRUMS²

NAFT ft. Tw*rkshop is a groundbreaking cooperation between two of Belgium’s most explosive formations. The dancers of Tw*rkshop turn twerk into an artform that will make you wanna move that ass as you never did before. Together they bring you the best of twerk, trap and the better part of dance beats, while blowing and shaking every party into the stratosphere. NAFT ft. Tw*rkshop is an energetic hammer, ready to break down the house